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Johnathan Hayden Bio

Johnathan received a technical fashion education from The Art Institute of Dallas. After working in mass-market design, he continued his education in pursuit of an MFA from The Savannah College of Art and Design (also in fashion design) to explore his creative limits and potential for luxury ready-to-wear. It was during his studies he was a Design Apprentice at Badgley Mischka in NYC designing beading and embroidery. His work on a dress worn by Gina Rodriguez for her 2015 Golden Globe win for her role on "Jane the Virgin" is one of his most memorable accomplishments during his apprenticeship.

During his career, Johnathan has been fortunate to not have only competed, but succeeded in many competitions bringing him minor notoriety. In 2009, he was selected to represent America in the international "Jeansation" competition in Monte Carlo. His most recent accolades include winner of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2016 "Manus X Machina" competition (selected by Andrew Bolton), and garnering a minor knod of approval from the advertising industry on their shortlist for the Clio Image Awards (2016) for his animated fashion illustrations featured and recognized by Valentino, Kenzo, and Badgley Mischka.

As he builds his own namesake brand, Johnathan illustrates and animates. He is currently a Manufacturing and Technical Design professor at The Art Institute of Dallas and a fellow at Parsons New School for Design's, Open Style Lab, developing inclusive fashion through collaboration with engineers and occupational therapists.


Elizabeth Anyaa


Elizabeth Anyaa left Sierra Leone for Finland at an early age where she immersed herself studying textile arts and manufacturing at The Rovaniemi Institute of Industrial Art. Using fabrics fused from silk, and various wools Elizabeth creates timeless, ethereal, sensual, contemporary textiles that are exquisitely organic and spectacular. Anyaa uses all natural fibers and every fabric is custom created in her Dallas studio at South Side on Lamar.  Her techniques include hand weaving, fabric manipulation, painting and fiber fusion resulting in 3-dimensional textiles with dramatic visual impact. Each piece is unique in its formation, draping and coloration. These are pieces to be admired, treasure and passed on.

According to Anyaa, "I admire the many aspects of felt. I see its fluidity in clothing and throws; its solid and structural elements in lamps, vessels and rugs; its simple nature in coasters and place mats; and its complex, painterly quality and texture on wall and window art. Most importantly, I enjoy pushing, breaking and exploring the traditional and contemporary boundaries of practicing textile art.”

Elizabeth Anyaa’s textile arts have been exhibited in Dallas galleries including Craighead Green, Mary Tomas, Scott and Cooner, One Arts Plaza, the Janette Kennedy Gallery. Her work has been published in Helsinki Sanomat, WWD, Dallas Morning News, PaperCity, FD Luxe, D Home, Modern Luxury. Most recent awards Craighead Green New Texas Talent 2012. 

Carly Style


"Carly's story insipid me to my core and all I could envision was her standing Proud in Confidence on a podium in-spite of what life had thrown her way, she at the end, receives her Gold medal of Excellence.  The design depicts her many and vast qualities she wears daily as a Diva with self awareness and as a shield protecting her Soul, her Being, which gives her the strength and fortitude to go on".


- Anyaa

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A Test of Love


"The Loving Sun is inspired by Hannah's Story, a 4 year old.  The  black background and diagonal strip depict her turban determination and the varied multiple experiences lived and her spirit to keep her dignity always testing and reaching for self.  With such determination of self preservation she saw the Sun at the end of the tunnel depicted by the sliver web of Pats love via the Sun". 

- Anyaa 


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Living In My Memories

What a life of Godly Wisdom, Blessings, Excellence, forward looking plus Perseverance.  As a fellow artist Ann's story inspired me in more ways than one.  The gray background as per Ann: “I always tell people, ‘Don’t ever let your past be a reason you can’t do something,’” it is just that the past.  The green denotes the life now and ahead.  The spine cover at the back represent her Godly trust and faith that has seen her through thick and thin. The rest, the many paths her life path has taken and brought her to where she is today.  Blessings

- Anyaa

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Holly Voden

"My passion for the arts is undeniable.  For me, all forms of creativity make life exciting, sweeter and inspirational.  Art is in everything, everyone and is all things.  I love the challenge of capturing the unique essence of a person through pencil, ink sketches and acrylic paint.  I love bold, wild abstract strokes.  I love working with my hands, building, sculpting and creating one of kind costumes.   Art is an escape, a wild adventure, a place of freedom and expression. Each year I push myself to learn a new art technique to advance my personal style and brand as an artist and costume designer."


- Holly Voden

Holly Voden Bio

Holly Voden has been an artist since the age of 9 years old, inspired by a classmate who could draw cartoons.  She was determined to master this skill.  She started tracing cartoon characters until she could draw without tracing.  This evolved in to drawing more complex characters and eventually faces of friends, family and celebrities.  She studied art throughout high school and college.  At the age of 24 she started an art company representing international and local artists.  Through this experience, she developed a social networking art inspired brand.  Holly focused her business model around a ‘mobile gallery’ strategy versus one location, coordinating shows, performances and events around the country.  As the years past representing other artists she started to miss focusing on her own art and growing as an artist.  She represented artists for about 3 years, now she is a software sales executive at Kronos Inc. while managing her private art studio in her spare time.  Holly not only produces art series, she also teaches vision board classes, art and paint parties, private art lessons and annual art inspired events and shows.  Her goal is to share the art world with the public in a unique way – appealing to all the senses through entertainment and thoughtful production.  

Bending Time


"From the moment I learned about the great work of PCHAS I moved on a very personal level.  When Karen deVille joined our team and shared her Bending Time poem I couldn't wait to dive in to the theme and design a costume that conveyed the love in her poetry.  The poem Bending Time was inspired by all of the children’s stories cared for by PCHAS.  The message of the poem focuses on bending time to shower these kids with the love they should have experienced.  I wanted to create a Goddess like being, an industrial Mother of Time who possessed the power to truly bend time. Thus the clock headdress, popping numbered belt and bodice covered in clock parts.  The bodice took 43 hours to hand sew each clock part – sewn by Shannon Christine". 

- Holly Voden


The Mix of Six


"The 6 kids in a Forever Home story is about 6 kids trapped in a hot car while their caregiver was in a bar drinking, their lives were saved by a passerby who saw them.  I was so shocked by this reality for 6 sweet kids I wanted to turn heat in to power, hope and love.  The top of dress represents the magical line of love, in Karen deVille's poem, bonding the 6 kids together, trapped in extreme heat.  The bottom of dress represents the soul of the children manifesting the deathly heat from the sun into a source of hope & strength.  A source of rebirth, growth and strength to power through the extreme neglect they experienced".  Design sewn by Shannon Christine.

- Holly Voden

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Embracing The Bag


"I was very moved to learn that foster care children commonly carry their belongings in trash bags.  I wanted to flip the perception of trash bags by designing an edgy -high fashion costume.  Turning Trash in to treasure, something admired vs degrading.  Celebrating the use of creativity to turn a dark reality in to light. Thus the theme, Embracing the Bag. This piece is made out of foam sheets, wire, trash bags, braided trash bags strips and hand sewed ribbon trimming.  The hand sewn ribbon on the bandeau was constructed by Shannon Christine."


– Holly Voden

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Shannon Christine

"What we wear is an expression and extension of who we are.  I design and create art – Hangables and Wearables.  My Grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and passed on her expertise to my mother and to myself.  It is ingrained in me to find fabrics that enhance the human body and accentuate the beauty of the movement.  Textures and Colors that glorify the wearer and complete the integrity of the whole.  I create fashions from scratch as well as reuse-refurbish-redecorate giving old clothing a new life". - Shannon 

Shannon Christine Bio


Shannon Christine holds a Bachelors in Education from Harris Stowe State University and Bachelors Art and Bachelors of Science from the University of Missouri at Columbia.  For twelve years Shannon was the designer for Chamber Ballet designing and creating costumes and clothing using numerous fabrics, textiles, embellishments, colors, lines, and flow to create individually unique designs complimenting and accenting each person’s unique body, movement, line, character, and personality.  Shannon worked with National and International Artists. 

The Graduates


"I almost always use color to serve as the communicator in my paintings, and in Sarah’s story it is undeniable. The color purple is Sarah, it is her wisdom, pride, ambition and most of all perseverance. All of these qualities are expressed in the color purple.  The large amounts of green that are seen throughout embody Sarah's foster parents, not only is their surname “Green“ but the color is also associated with safety harmony and growth.  Connecting all of these pieces are shapes of yellow=positivity, loyalty and white = safety and goodness".  

Design concept in collaboration with Holly Voden

- Shannon Christine 

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Cutting Through the Noise


Lisa's story & poem takes me to a lot of pain and frustration of lack of control of life and the environment around us.  Scott Henderson's painting focused on an image of a beautiful angel in a soft white dress with black scribbles representing the noise and chaos in the child's life.  The black circular halo of black scribbles inspired me to make a necklace for the fashion.  The soft organza represents a beautiful delicate innocence, the black twisted messy wiring represents the chaos and constrictions of the noise of life.  Beautiful Delicate Strength through chaos."  Design concept in collaboration with Holly Voden.  


- Shannon Christine 

The Right of Whitney


Whitney's story and Scott Henderson's painting inspired me to use snapshot photo imagery of past visions - joyful & painful mixed together cloaked on one surface as memories make us who we are as we sometimes hold them inside and sometimes show them on the outside to others.  The color palette & design lines and imagery mimic Scott's painting.   The cloak is reversible, the inside is focused around vivacious bold and brightness that shines from within and explode when we are confident & victorious. 

The painting reminded me of childlike dress up and dreams even amongst the pain she is cloaked in - 

I wanted the cloak to be like the cape in the original brothers Grimm Cinderella fairy tale - where it is magical full of memories old and ragged yet it transforms into a beautiful colorful luminous work of art.  Design concept in collaboration with Holly Voden.

- Shannon Christine

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