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"My passion for the arts is undeniable.  For me, all forms of creativity make life exciting, sweeter and inspirational.  Art is in everything, everyone and is all things.  I love the challenge of capturing the unique essence of a person through pencil, ink sketches and acrylic paint.  I love bold, wild abstract strokes.  I love working with my hands, building and sculpting.   Art is an escape, a wild adventure, a place of freedom and expression. " - Holly Voden 


Interview with Holly Voden and the Creation of Selkin's Resin

Creating Belmer's Resin - Timelapse Video

Photo by Angela Antonson
The Process
Filming Selkin's Resin
Painting the War of the Currents
Painting the War of the Currents

Holly Voden has been an artist since the age of 9 years old, inspired by a classmate who could draw cartoons.  She was determined to master this skill.  She started tracing cartoon characters until she could draw without tracing.  This evolved in to drawing more complex characters and eventually faces of friends, family and celebrities.  She studied art throughout high school and college.  At the age of 24 she started an art company representing international and local artists.  Through this experience, she developed a social networking art inspired brand.  Holly focused her business model around a ‘mobile gallery’ strategy versus one location, coordinating shows, performances and events around the country.  As the years past representing other artists she started to miss focusing on her own art and growing as an artist.  She represented artists for about 3 years, now she is a software sales executive at Kronos Inc. while managing her private art studio in her spare time.  Holly not only produces art series, she also teaches vision board classes, art and paint parties, private art lessons and annual art inspired events and shows.  Her goal is to share the art world with the public in a unique way – appealing to all the senses through entertainment and thoughtful production.  

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