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Transcend 2017 SALES Inquiries: 

  • Artwork for Sale

  • Fashion Designs for Sale

  • Make & Hair Artists Contact Information  

Contact Holly Voden

  • Editorial Photography

  • Limited Edition Prints & Books for Sale

  • Personalized Photo-shoot 

Contact Angela Antonson 


  • Poet, Author

  • Motivational Speaker & EMCEE

Contact Karen DeVille 


Learn more or to make a Donation to PCHAS:

Contact Sara Craig

Donate Now


Voden Productions: Holly Voden 

Co-Producer: Sara Craig

Model & Runway Producer: Tracy Ripsin

Lead Volunteer: Amanda Hodnett

For information about Transcend May 2019 please submit your contact information and specific inquiry! 

Join the Transcend Creative Collaboration Team!  Submit your name for an Application for consideration:

  • Artist of any medium

  • Editorial Photographer 

  • Fashion or Costume Designer 

  • Poetry, Author, Song Writer 

  • Musician 

  • Other Creative Medium?

  • Event Night Photographer

  • Make up & Hair Artist

  • Graphic Designer

Join the Transcend Volunteer Team!

Sponsorship Information 

Silent Auction Donation

*Event Proceeds Donated to PCHAS


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